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It's time to travel little Koalanas !

Catch as much Koalanas as you can and keep them safe in your wallet during their trip.
All together we are saving them from their burning forest. 🌲🔥
For everyone, only one destination: we go directly to the moon ! 🚀🌕

🎁 Luckiest minters can win up to $5,420.69 (Total rewards : around $32,000) ✨

10% from initial mints + 10% from royalties are going straight to :
Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Catch as much as you can !
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Rarity viewer

This is the exhaustive attributes list from our official Koalanas collection.
Take a look at the Magic Powers, if you are lucky enough to mint one : jump in our discord to claim your price!

Category :
Atrtribute name :
Rarity : %
Magic power : 10 $FTT